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Why Developing Self-Reliant Children from an Early Age is Important?

In the present world, everybody wants to taste the flavor of self-dependency so that they can make their own path of success without anyone’s help. One should remember the fact that seeds of self-dependency should be sown at an early age of innocence to find kids understanding at an early age.

Although, it appears like a grave task while making a balance in work-life and instilling the values of self-resilience in the kids but using step by step approach towards independence, a kid with confident personality can be raised and become an example for others.

Self-Reliance is significant for kids. Learning to be self-reliant is imperative to be shown when a kid is at a young age so it can develop, as they develop. Being self-reliant is considered as the ability to take control over your life, being encouraged from within, and become capable of taking care of oneself. Starting when a kid is young it is imperative to not completely do everything for them. Steadily, give them tasks to finish making it realized that they have the ability to be independent. By teaching a kid to be independent, as they grow older it will build up personal skills important for their proper growth.

At the Best Preschool in Noida, we suggest parents be sharp enough to understand whether your children are still depending on you for even the most minor work or appear to show a great extent of independence. Stop nurturing; rather be their support in bad times. Like if your kid needs to go after a toy that is past their reach, rather than straightforwardly giving it over, enable them to debilitate the use of their ability. You can make the task simpler by setting a stool or keeping the toy where they can reach easily.

Train them on how to settle on decisions and choices. Parents tend to finish off their kid’s work so as to spare them from the brutal scolding of teachers yet allow simply to paint the harsh reality. While attempting to be over-protective towards your youngsters in dread of their disappointment, you are really bounding them in the shell of dependency. Quit rescuing your kid at every step as you can’t be with them inevitably, all over.

Enable your kid to stay free and play with other kids irrespective of different creed, caste, and religion. Rather than compelling your kid to read a specific book or play a specific toy to which they might show certain reluctance, get some information about their decisions. Give them a chance which book to read.

Begin by educating them to do little tasks at home like eating food without scattering, arranging their bags and spilling around, keep their dresses at the place, water the plants, clean the room prior to going to bed. Based on their capabilities, assign them some tasks.

Small guidance imbued with selfless love for your small munchkins is quite sufficient to keep them motivated and encouraged. Make them learn from their failures. Let them fail s that you correct them while praising them for their efforts. Plentiful appreciation plays an important role in building up confidence levels and a sense of handling responsibilities will develop.

Ask kids to be answerable for their decisions rather than blaming others or outside factors. The kids’ ability to hold themselves answerable for their doings is an important part of turning self-reliant.

At one of the best Pre Schools in Noida, we believe that self-reliance can’t be instilled in your kids in a one-day practice but a continuing process that needs to be fostered throughout their lives. Teach them how they can do some easy tasks without anyone’s help.

How Preschools Can Help Kids to Develop Better

In a child’s life, a preschool is the first place where he/she stays away from comfort and parental care. It is where kids learn to determine their senses, communicate with peers, and begin gaining worthy life lessons. Preschools are an important part of early childhood development and enable students to develop a strong personality for life.

From building up a positive learning attitude to assisting them to write, read, speak, and understand Preschools in Noida provide their students a decent head-start for long-lasting learning. The training that kids get in a preschool turn into the foundation for the rest of their lives.

In traditional preschools, the teacher-pupil ratio is approximately 1:25 and the curriculum is set and structured. The teacher explains different concepts to children.

Fostering the emotional and social growth in kids is just as significant for their holistic and cognitive development.

Modern preschools know about the developing needs of the present young learners and are changing education through advancement to guarantee overall development of the young kids.

Here are a couple of activities that preschools can conduct to better the complete learning and development of their wards:

  1. Educating through play-activity boxes

Besides toys, kids must be given educational activity boxes to have fun with. These play-based educational activities help kids to make new things, find certain ways of solving challenges, and learn their lessons by doing several tasks.

This type of unstructured play as well as experimental learning, solely made to advance and inspire young minds, promotes early child development in a fun and efficient way.

  1. Teaching through an external environment

Learning shouldn’t be bound to the four walls of a classroom. It must be linked to this current world in a manner that enables kids to get a handle on their lessons better.

Imbuing real-world learning or conducting field trips for lessons related with nature can enable spark students’ interest and make them highly motivated in their academic endeavours.

A few lessons such as those about birds, animals, vegetables, colours are ideally taught outside the school to develop curiosity and interest amongst students.

  1. Building EQ as crucial as IQ

Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the skill to perceive, comprehend and handle emotions. As indicated by studies, poor EQ skills can bring about aggression, depression, anxiety, poor academic performance, etc.

In this manner, while teachers take lessons to build up Intelligence Quotient (IQ), they must also give enough significance to building the EQ, as it enables children to deal with their feelings and better educational outcomes, while decreasing behavioural problems and uneasiness.

  1. DIYs for kids

From making paper dolls to transforming old bottles into toy vehicles or making kaleidoscopes, children must be provided the chance to release their creative energies. They must be provided with the simple materials and solicited to produce something out of it.

DIYs are best to motivate children and keep them drawn in, and aid the holistic development and growth of these youthful students.

  1. Role play

Role play can be among the best and amazing activities for children. Role plays empower learning, better concentration, and upgrade imagination in kids.

Kids can learn numerous skills and express their feelings better amid role plays. It allows them to step into the shoes of anecdotal characters and act out according to their perception and comprehension.

Hence, for your child’s better foundation in education, you must look for the Best Preschool in Noida that leaves good impact on their lives and they remember the better thing till they get into high school learning.










Why You Should Send Your Little One to Preschool

Sending your kid to the Kids Play School is a first step towards introducing him/her to the world outside.

Preschool learning is the primary step that every child takes by going away from the comfort and parent’s safe zone. Therefore, it must be a place that is a second home to the toddler; a place which should have adequate material to fascinate and make the child feel safe and agreeable.

This is the key place where the child builds up his/her poise. A child learns the importance of his own name and other things. Each child makes sense of how to talk with the educators and other children in the preschool.

Studies conducted on preschool learning have delineated that children taught at an early age, generally, have major abilities, less behaviour concerns and right evaluations without personal attentions. Self-assurance earned by learning in a fiery manner leads to the personality development of the child.

What Benefits Should Any Preschool Give?

  • Preschool enables kids to learn many things. The main focus is on the mind development of the kids as learning is due to great practice and interaction in a vast group.
  • The second-best thing about preschool learning is developing social skills of the kids. They learn to interact with other kids with same age in a well-organized environment.
  • The children are well-prepared for the established school’s curriculum.
  • The children will take part in several oral tasks, for instance, prayers, role-playing, poem recitation and so on. This will help in building-up their confidence and better communication skills.

Finding the ideal preschool is the necessity of the time as by far most of the parents are working and don’t have enough time to engsage with their children. Not just this, after seeing the demand of play school to make kids learn the best from the young age, people are looking for Best Play School Franchise so that they can open their own preschool.

How to Make Your Child’s Listening Skills Better

How to Make Your Child’s Listening Skills Better

Sometimes, when you have ‘conversations’ with your child, it’s a scenario of talking at your child instead of to your child. This is due to children having notably selective listening skills–they listen to what they want to and tune out amid the rest.

Listening is an ability that we can assist our kids to be better at, like the teachers at the Best Preschool in Noida make the children practice listening and become better listeners. Much like a muscle, listening requires regular exercise to develop. Listening is a child’s skill to comprehend the words he/she hears and to connect them in logical way. While children hear a story, decent listening skills allow them to comprehend it better. Better listening skills at an early age enable children to become better communicators.

Negative Impacts of Poor Listening

If your kid has poor listening skills, then he/she will have-

–    Poor sound awareness – children can find it hard to distinguish between different sounds

–    Trouble reading

–    Difficulty to socialize

Since we need our children to excel always, here is a list of things to follow to make your child to build his/her listening skills:

1) Talk to your child everytime:

Tell them a fascinating story. Enlighten them concerning your day at work. Talk to them your childhood stories. Start telling your tasks. By doing this, your kids’ attention skills are certain to improve. Likewise, to include, kids are huge mimics, so watch your language!

2) Interactive reading:

Read books with kids. Furthermore, when reading, ask him/her queries like, “What might happen straightaway?” Pause before turning each page and ask what he/she has comprehended. If he/she is uncertain, begin once more. By doing this, your kid’s listening abilities will immensely improve.

3) Compose silly rhymes:

This activity will educate your children to hear words that sound similar and distinguish the rhyming pattern. This activity will enable them to concentrate on words and figure out how to distinguish between comparative sounding ones.

4) Listen to music:

Move as per the music. Make a pattern. Thus, your kid will listen closely to the lyrics to comprehend the pattern. Likewise, it’s an extraordinary exercise! Play listening games such as ‘Simon Says’. Develop their listening skills by causing them to listen to small chores and reward them once they are done with them.

5) Watch television shows together:

Move to the child’s favourite cartoons. Sit with them and after that, question them what they comprehended, what the characters were depicting and doing, etc. Such an activity, while done in a limited setting, can lead to improvement and enhanced attention spans.

Listening is among the building blocks of communication and language. Kids with less-than-average listening skills can face severe issues such as problems in socializing, learning challenges, and communications. Pre Schools in Noida conducts such activities to assist kids to improve their listening skills. If this skill is on point, your child will be having a sound future.


Make Your Child Grow Emotionally, Socially and Academically In Preschool

Make Your Child Grow Emotionally, Socially and Academically In Preschool

Young children are naturally curious to learn. They learn from their families and from any human interaction that they have around them. They learn each and everything… from looking at pictures of instructions for assembling a toy to collecting coins to pay for a purchase. Home is the first school of every child where he/she learns. But Play School in Noida is the place where a child learns both socially and academically.

s prepares a child according to the academic demands of a school. Preschool teachers offer a wide variety of games and activities that will help the child to acquire necessary academic and social skills. They help to prepare children for kindergarten. Preschool helps to launch the child on the path to success in school. They teach a child on pre-math and pre-literacy skills and help a child to grow up the right and confident way.

2-3 year old child only loves to stay with his/her parents. They cry if their parents are not with them, and this makes the child difficult to adjust to school. Preschool makes a child feel secure and cared for with a teacher. When a child will spend time with others, other than parents, he/she learns to trust and build a relationship with other children.

In a preschool, the child grows with the activities he/she performs. A preschool makes the child capable of being a part of a group and understand priorities. Preschool teachers build curiosity among children and provide motivation to learn. Teachers may use a kid’s ideas, interests to create different activities. They also organize activities and events in the outdoor play areas.

Parents should keep in mind that preschool programs include child activities for fun to acquire social skills. Your child experiences a structured environment for education, and it is the best-starting age. It does not include lot of rules and regulations, but some rules for formal-education setup.

Seeing the growth rate of preschool, today many people are interested in taking up Kids Play School Franchise to start up their own business.


Important Role of Sensory Play for Kids Right Development

Important Role of Sensory Play for Kids Right Development

From birth to early childhood, every kid uses his/her all five senses to discover and understand the world around them.

It’s a crucial part of early childhood development, and giving opportunities to children to enthusiastically utilize their senses as they explore their world with the help of ‘sensory play’ is important for brain development. Today, Best Preschool in Noida adopting these modern methodologies for better development of the kid.

What Is Sensory Play?

Holding up things and sensing their touch is what people connect with sensory play, but it’s far beyond just touch.

Sensory play involves an activity that activates a young kid’s senses of smell, touch, taste, sight as well as hearing and anything that includes balance and movement.

Sensory play is just limited by your imagination, with obviously some common sense being utilized around the types and materials of play suitable for your kid’s age and skills.

A few examples to get you started are:

Sensory play for babies – watching bubbles float and feeling them land on their skin, or creasing coloured paper to hear the noise, feel the shape and view the shapes change.

Sensory play for toddlers – watching the light as well as shadow made by torchlight on objects of various shapes or sizes, or viewing the colours blend and the patterns form by finger painting or sponge painting (with child-safe paint)

Sensory play for pre-school aged children – making shapes as well as playing with active sand, or washing farm animals which require to put animals covered with sand into water and wash them.

Most likely the easiest approach to enable children to engage their senses is by playing outside with nature, brimming with colours, textures, movement, sounds and smells.

The advantages of sensory play

Sensory activities, notwithstanding being fun and fascinating for small kids, urge children to explore. Moreover, these activities help children to utilize the ‘scientific method’ of watching, forming a hypothesis, testing and making conclusions.

Sensory activities likewise enable kids to refine their thresholds for various sensory information, assisting their brain to make more powerful connections with sensory information and understand which are valuable and which can be filtered out.

For instance, a kid may think that it’s hard to play with other kids when there is too much going on in their condition with conflicting commotions or sights.

Through sensory play, the kid can figure out how to block out the noise which isn’t significant and focus on the play which is happening with their friend.

Another example is a child who is very much picky with eating foods with a wet texture, such as, spaghetti.

The utilization of sensory play can help the kid with smelling, touching, and playing with the texture in an environment with less expectation. As the child builds trust and understanding of this texture it assists in building up positive pathways in the brain to state it is protected to engage with this food.

Different reasons sensory play is advantageous for kids to include:

  • It assists to develop nerve connections in the brain
  • It helps in the development of motor skills
  • It helps in language development
  • It boosts ‘scientific thinking’ and problem-solving skills
  • It can include mindful activities which are advantageous for all children

The wish to engage with sensory play comes naturally for kids and must be supported in early learning environments as well as at home. Pre Schools in Noida should understand these advantages and engage kids into such activities to build up their sense for things around them.

Different Ways to Teach Toddlers about Shapes

Different Ways to Teach Toddlers about Shapes

Teaching toddlers about shapes is a big part of child development. Also, it helps develop a bond with the toddlers. In our Best Play School in Noida, we engage kids into common games that are simple approaches to teach your toddler about shapes. For the quite inventively inclined, strive to make your shape learning more engaging for little ones.

Several Ways to Teach Toddlers about Shapes

  1.    Teaching Shapes with Games

If you want your kids to learn shapes then games are the best approach to make it possible. Many easy games are there to follow and introduce shapes to preschoolers.

Teach shapes with a ball. Make several shapes using painter’s tape on a hard floor. Speak up the name of a shape and request the child roll the ball to that shape. Switch jobs with your kid and ask him to speak up the shape names.

Try a geometry jump. Draw shapes using chalk on your driveway. Utilize the same colour for every type of shape. Ask your kid to opt for any shape they want. When they get to the shape, shout out the shape name they landed on.

Explore online games. There are ample of astounding resources available only to educate your toddler regarding shapes, such as games that the child can play on a tablet, home computer, or smartphone. 


  1.    Teaching Your Toddler Shapes with Common Items

Trace shapes. Take a few everyday household items such as pasta boxes or mason jar lids. Take a marker or crayon and trace the shape to show it to the toddler. Then enable the kid to trace their shapes on paper.

Read books about shapes. There are incredible books regarding shapes that are ideal for educating your toddler about shapes.

Learn shapes with blocks. If you own blocks of several shapes hanging out in the toy room, you can place them to utilize by having the kid utilize them to learn about shapes.


  1.     Making Art with Shapes

 Draw shapes with crayons and paper. This is an extraordinary method to teach your toddler shapes. Be seated with your toddler and draw a shape, for example, on your piece of paper. Ask your kid to make a circle on a piece of paper.

Use a chalkboard and chalk. There is a good chance you have a chalkboard in your house. In this way, you have to help your toddler learn shapes. Take a bit of chalk and make a circle on the blackboard. Tell your little child that the shape is a circle. Tell her to draw her circle alongside yours.

Make a triangle tree. With the help of construction paper, draw and cut off a big triangle to give triangle tree a base. Then assist your kids to make multiple small triangles and cut them up. At last, assist your toddler to paste the small triangles on the bigger one to form a triangle tree.

Hence, at one of the best Pre Schools in Noida, we use these methodologies to let children identify different shapes through these amazing ways.




5 Reasons Why Going to Preschool Is Must for Your Kids

5 Reasons Why Going to Preschool Is Must for Your Kids

When you consider preschool, what do you imagine? Are you probably worried that your child is still too young to be in an organized environment? Does it alarm you how they may take separation?

We say, don’t be. Preschool can only support your kid.

Kids gain a lot from going to among the renowned Pre Schools in Noida since they end up presented to letters, numbers, and shapes there. Yet, more essentially, they build up social as well as emotional skills and figure out how to coexist with other children, to share and to contribute.

Findings show that kids who go to an excellent preschool enter schools with ideal pre-reading skills, high vocabulary and solid basic maths abilities as compared to other kids. So why not press for preschool education when it can possibly help; when preschool is useful for your child?

Here are 5 reasons why preschool is ideal choice for your child:

  1. It gives a foundation for learning, both academically and socially.

Young kids are normally inquisitive and perceptive. They need to become familiar with the abilities that their families and society value. To get kids ready for the academic requirements of a school, teachers will offer a wide assortment of activities that will enable them to get important academic but also social abilities.

  1. It is an opportunity for kids to be in a structured setting.

A preschool is an opportunity for them to be in an organized setting with groups of kids and teachers where they will figure out how to share and adhere to guidelines, raise their hand when they have a question, take turns, as well as share the educator’s consideration.

  1. It will ready children for elementary school where the learning curve gets extra academic.

Try not to be anxious about the possibility that attention on improvement of pre-maths and pre-literacy abilities will wholly contribute to the development of your kid too early. These won’t cut into essential play time that each kid deserves. An excellent childhood education offers both. Actually, these projects depend on learning through play, so learning will be a good time for your child, have no uncertainty!

  1. Preschool will enable your child to grow socially and emotionally.

In a preschool, your child will learn how to cooperate, be aware towards others, and tackle issues. Preschool will give a platform where your child will pick up a feeling of self, discover, play with their friends, and develop confidence. Children in preschool more often than not find that they are proficient and that they can get things done for themselves rather than continually asking mommy to step in.

  1. They will study their 123s and ABCs.

Young kids will learn numbers and letters in preschool, yet at their very own pace and through playing games. Preschool does not let kids sit down and ‘educate’ them since that would be an incorrect method to do it. Rather, they teach them through doing different sorts of activities your kids find intriguing, similar to story-time, conversing with the instructors about stars, playing with squares, etc.

In Conclusion

In this way, consider your child’s development and pick the Best Preschool in Noida. Remember that for little kids’ preschool is tied in with having fun and obtaining social abilities – not accomplishing academic achievements. Children should be innovative and to socialize in light of the fact that is the thing that cultivates imaginative and well-rounded people.


Things that Should Be Covered In The Curriculum of Preschool

Things that Should Be Covered In The Curriculum of Preschool

From acknowledging what sounds letters make to counting to 10, preschool is about revelation. Also, when your kid moves from prenursery to kindergarten, he/she would have learned a lot of things.

The wide spectrum of lessons as well as content that your child will be educated at one of the best Pre Schools in Noida is what’s known as preschool curriculum. Contingent upon the preschool you pick and the early childhood education philosophy it pursues, your child will discover a wide assortment of academic, physical, social and emotional lessons.

What Is Usually Covered in a Preschool Curriculum?

While preschools don’t stick to a specific syllabus, they’re expected to prepare students for kindergarten. That implies most great preschools take a shot at key skill areas like:

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Shapes
  • Cutting
  • Colouring
  • Writing letters and numbers
  • Sorting objects
  • Drawing
  • Gluing
  • Sharing
  • Taking turns
  • Transitioning from one activity to another
  • Physical activities such as running, skipping, jumping, hopping on one foot and utilizing playground equipment and balls

How a Preschool Curriculum Is Implemented

Most preschools have a lot of objectives and a way of thinking to which every educator must follow. Now and again, teachers follow those general rules in a casual manner. As a rule, therefore, teachers should really complete lesson plans as well as rubrics for evaluating student progress.

Preschool curricula consider the length of the preschool day. Numerous preschools keep running for just a couple of hours daily, while others (particularly in public school settings) run for longer periods. Some even run longer than an average school day to cover all the parent’s work hours.

What to Look for in a Preschool

Regardless of which philosophy your preschool pursues, the curriculum must advance learning while at the same time helping kids meet the different language, social, physical, and cognitive goals. In a perfect circumstance, a quality preschool’s curriculum will be instructed by certified teachers and depend on the latest childhood education research.

Based on the philosophy utilized by the Best Preschool in Noida, the preschool curriculum can be created by teachers, administrators and even parents. If you ever have a question concerning the curriculum or anything that is going on at your kid’s preschool, talk to the respective preschool.

Make Your Child A Shining Star with The Best Preschool!

Make Your Child A Shining Star with The Best Preschool!

Early learning is very important in every kids’ life, especially in the present era. When it comes to preschools, these are the places where your kids start learning. There are lots of preschools out there, but if you really want to give a shining and a fruitful future to your little one, then it is your responsibility to choose the best one, which helps your kids in their mental and physical development.

Looking for the Best Play School in Noida? No worries. Start your search with little research. By doing some basic digging around, you can choose one of the best schools that helps in achieving an education that is very important during the early childhood years. These schools follow a specially designed educational programme for children aged three or four years.

The primary objective of the pre-kindergarten is to prepare your child for kindergarten in the following year. In spite of knowing we need to send our ward to the best preschool out there, we at times make a hasty decision in choosing what’s best for them. Results have demonstrated that such pre-kindergartens are extremely useful in the general improvement of the children.

Furthermore, if you are a working couple and are stressed about the best possible consideration of your child when you are in the workplace then these preschools and pre-kindergartens are extremely useful. Some of them additionally offered day care facilities for your child.

Objectives of preschools:

  • The main objective of preschool in Noida is to concentrate on scholastic and distinctive expertise building activities with the goal that your child learns the basics and increases a great amount of general information.
  • Each one of these activities, as well as knowledge, proves to be advantageous amid the underlying long periods of kid’s age.
  • There are different narrating sessions that are being held which influence your child to find out about tuning in and talking.
  • There are numerous studies that have been accomplished for pre-kindergarten and it has been demonstrated after some time that such schools and exceptional learning centres truly help set up your kid for their habits of learning as children feel sure when they are in their school.
  • In addition to the advantages talked about above there are a few different favourable circumstances, for example, you get extra time that you can spend for your family activities. If you are a working couple then you can focus on your activity in a better way.
  • The teachers in such schools are well prepared to carry out their responsibility and they attempt their level best to influence children to adapt to new things and treat them with appropriate consideration and love so that the children feel cheerful constantly.
  • Most of the preschools are very reasonable and ensure that there is no stress over the fee structure.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your kids a better future with one of the best and most renowned Preschool Centers in Noida Sec 62. These schools not only provide them with an excellent quality education but also develop their internal and external skills.