Highly Safe and Unparalleled Novice’s Nest

ASPAM Preschool is the Best Preschool in Noida that offers an internationally recognized curriculum in a school culture that emphasizes cooperation and global awareness. Our painstaking and fair academic programme helps every kid develop his/her unique potential. The outstanding results our students attained in national and international exams are a testimony to our effective methods of imparting education.

An inclusive and engaging learning environment

The ASPAM learning environment is both welcoming and comprehensive and–with over 50 different nationalities–our students are treasured for the diverse cultures they represent. Our teachers are supportive and highly qualified, aiming to promote intellectual growth and excellence in all aspects of learning. Class sizes are undersized, allowing a focus on both the intellectual and emotional development of each student.

We aspire to offer our students with the opportunity to build up self-awareness, teamwork skills and grow to be lifelong learners and caring citizens’ students get the chance to create, put up and discover concepts throughout kindergarten, which makes it different from other preschools. Students are also educated to be responsible and self-sufficient. They eat, go to the bathroom independently, and are responsible for their own belongings.

Different approaches

We at ASPAM believe in practical learning. That why our teaching approach is based on E-Learning Class, Smart Class Smart Cl Story Time, Creative Times, Splash Pool Activities, Sand Activities Celebration of Celebrations of festivals and special days, Field Trips, Puppet shows, Toy Time.

Well prepared for the future
At ASPAM, our ultimate goal is to prepare students for the world beyond our classrooms. We nurture them to develop an independent approach to their own learning.

Teacher guides rather than direct
The focus of ASPAM classes is on the students, not the teacher. Educators are not there to provide students with the information they must memorize. Here, teachers direct and support students as they pursue learning on their own.

We realize that in today’s multi-ethnic world of both parents working and nuclear families, there is a growing need of parents to find a school in whose care their child can be entrusted and provides all the wishful wants under one roof.

At ASPAM Day Care in Noida Sector 62, we offer programmes starting from Under 2s Programme (aged 1-2), where children begin to speculate into the wider world away from home but are supported by an adult.

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader

Reading is one of the most popular activities that make leisure time fun, fruitful and entertaining for the readers. Since reading was a very popular hobby, the children were encouraged to pursue it right from their childhood. Parents and teachers at Pre Schools in Noida, motivate them to make use of their extra time by reading comics, storybooks and other children’s books, etc., which imbue the habit of reading in them. However, with the advent of technologically advanced gadgets, reading habit savvy and are interested in exploring the latest gadgets and gizmos rather than reading books.

As a parent, you should provide your child with a bright exposure to the world of books. Also, you require inculcating in your youngster the habit of reading right from early childhood, since the things that he/she learns at their young age will stay in his/her mind forever.

Tell your children about the importance of reading – Sit with your baby and talk about why they should inculcate the reading habit in their lifestyle. Advise them that apart from textbooks, it is essential for them to read good books, as the reading habit will contribute to their psychological development.

Show your interest in reading – Show your interest in reading as if your child sees you reading, they will surely love to try it themselves. Also, enrich your child’s knowledge by sharing age-appropriate information with them, from the books and magazines that you have read. With your appreciation and motivation, your child will be able to develop the habit of reading.

Create an environment for reading at home – Provide a stimulating reading environment at home, so that your child finds it interesting to develop the habit of reading. For this, make a mini library at your home.

Gift them their choice –Gift your child with storybooks of their choice. You may take your child to the nearest bookshop and let them choose the books that they want to read.

Be enthusiastic about their reading – Ask your child to read back to you, to show your enthusiasm for their reading habit.

Track your child’s progress on reading books – Track your child’s reading progress by maintaining a reading log.


In the end, remember that you as a parent play a major role in promoting reading habit in your child and influencing their choice of books and other reading material. If you are unable to give them proper time, send them to the right Creche in Noida. Set yourself as an example for your child whom they can look up to, at all times.

Importance of Mellifluent Learning

The Best Day Care in Noida isdiscovering how important it is to invest in young children and their families. Ensure their well-being, and down the line, everyone’s mental and physical health, literacy levels, school success, employability, and human relationships improve. The more we learn, the clearer it becomes that live music can play a powerful role in this development from the very start. Studies have found that day-old infants breathe differently depending on whether they are listening to jazz or Bollywood, that music soothes premature babies (and their worried parents) in hospital nurseries, and that babies will listen calmly to a lullaby for twofold then baby talk or adult speech.

Early childhood—from birth to age five—is a remarkable period in human development. At one year old, a baby’s brain is 70 per cent of its adult size; at three years, it has reached 85 per cent and is already crisscrossed by the connections that provide for human thinking an announcement. Live music—and the individualdealing that accompanies it—is one of the most powerful, multi-sensory, and physically involving activities in which young children and their caregivers can engage together.

1. Music helps to strengthen motor skills

Producing music—including tapping, clapping, brisking, and dancing—can build up fine and large motor control. Even uncomplicated games, songs, and backward and forward play build brain and body coordination.

2. Building Intimacy

Music also builds intimacy. Young children build some of the most important relationships in their lives as infants and toddlers.

3. Enhances imagination

Humans are wired to be sensitive to sound patterns, and this sensitivity allows music to cultivate communication and thoughts in young children.

4. Emotional regulation

During early years kids learn how to express and manage their feelings, as well as figure out how to read other people’s expressions and feelings, grasping how other minds work.

5. Emotional regulation

Another reason music education is so imperative is that it integrates so many diverse subject areas all at once. With music education allowing kids to extend their musical skills, it will also give them the opportunity to work on their math skills, reading and writing skills, science skills, and history knowledge.

6. Music can relieve stress

Finally, music is an excellent way to relieve stress, which is significant for students who may feel overwhelmed by schoolwork and try to balance extracurricular activities. As students enter into the upper grades of the school system and begin considering applying for post-secondary schools, they might feel overwhelmed with the need to keep their grades high. Even young students can experience stress with the increasing amounts of homework school curriculums require. Some students may also have stressful home lives, and thus music will offer a way to escape from these situations.

7. Music is a way to connect with other people

Education via sounds is also significant because it will give kids a way to join with other people. Children are naturally very social, and it’s important to encourage them to build relationships by providing them experiences to share with each other. Creating a school band or small ensemble, or encouraging participation, in turn, allows children to work together towards a final. This encourages bonding and will provide students with something to reminisce on together in the future

Music has many benefits to people of all ages. It’s important to know why so that Day Care in Noida can continue to advocate for keeping music education in our schools. Music improves students’ team skills and self esteem and helps their progress in other important learning