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Ways to Keep Your Kids Engaged While Working from Home

Ways to Keep Your Kids Engaged While Working from Home

The COVID-19 is no less than a slow-motion tsunami that crashed down on us this week. This greatly impacted our daily routine life and left us in a dilemma.

Cases of the coronavirus in India are increasing day by day, Preschools in Noida have closed their doors indeterminately, and public health officials have advised everyone to stay home except for important activities. This has created a challenging situation for parents where they have to look after their kids as well as work.

Keep Your Kids Engaged While Working from Home

We all are finding hard to deal with the problem of how to keep kids engaged while working from home. It is occupied and hectic especially with the coronavirus lockdown as well as work from home. Here are a few ways to keep you sane and children glad while we stay at home for this extended time.

Initially, tell your children what is a coronavirus and why it is so unsafe. Check out the health authority’s website for the points of interest. It is a great idea to help them to remember the right way of handwashing, how to sneeze using tissue paper, put the paper to the dustbin and wash your hands. Cough to your elbow and very important why we have to wash our hands so well.

Reading With Kids

There are certain ways to make this work, whatever is the quite helpful way to make your kids busy in reading. Other than the traditional way of reading books, you can add fun into this by letting them listening to the audiobooks as well. Yet, only making the space to read and showing interest in this will be of great help.

Playing Games With Kids

Try jigsaw, blocks or puzzles that you can get them to play on their own. This will help them stay busy in arranging and solving the problem where they get stuck.

Make a Daily Routine Chart To Keep Kids Busy

It is simpler when you get children to co-operate and get them to set a schedule for the day and week with them. Get them to make the schedule with you, so you and they realize what you do what time. Trust me, it gets simpler with accurate arranging. Ensure you have read time, playtime, and lunch etc. planned in. Ensure your work time is there when you can get your children to be self-sufficient.

Keep Kids Occupied with Sports Outside

Treasure hunt, hide and seek, tip, play football with them, whatever it is that makes them move. Ensure you have exercise planned in on your day.

Engage in Art And Craft Activity

Having colouring books, watercolours, stickers, prepared and available at your home. You can again find resources on the Internet to print out for your children if you are running out. Get them to paint on fingers just (messy however fun) or utilizing an old toothbrush.


What amount of screen time do you provide for your children? Would you be able to utilize the internet sparingly? Use it educationally? Watch narratives with them. Or then again ensure you Facetime with your grandparents or family that you can’t see as you would typically do.

Ensure they get personal time not to do nothing at all where they can do free play and make their own games too. Hope this is assisting you to plan your day more and keeping your children glad and entertained.

At Day Care in Noida, we request you to stay home stay safe. Keep your kids engaged anyhow inside the home so that they do not go out and face any issue.

The Significance of Music in Early Childhood Development

Music is a major part of our culture. When wondering daily life, music is available in an assortment of social as well as educational activities. We tune in to music on TV or when we go out to see the films. Most governmental ceremonies involve a part of music while we use songs to celebrate birthdays. Given this significance of music, it is expected that parents use music instinctually to express happiness and to engage or relax their kids.

What Kids Learn from Being Exposed to Music

Music can reinforce the connection between the body and mind to work together as a group. For example, when moving and dancing to music, kids at ASPAM Preshool, Best Preschool in Noida, build up better motor skills while singing along to a tune enables them to rehearse their singing voice. In general, exposure to music helps kids in their development procedure to become familiar with the words and sounds of tones.

As they discover music through play, they cause revelations about themselves and the world around them, to build up a better vocabulary and significant math skills and pre-reading, fortify their social as well as emotional skills, just as their real musical development and appreciation.

5 Reasons Why Music is Important for Early Childhood Development

5 Reasons Why Music is Significant for Early Childhood Development

From boosting hand-eye coordination to rehearsing fine and gross motor skills and substantially more, read below for five reasons why music is significant for early childhood development.

Builds Up Fine & Large Motor Control

Making music, particularly if it incorporates tapping, applauding, skipping and dancing can assist improve fine and great motor skills! Simple songs alongside back-and-forth play can enable develop brain and body coordination, as well! These activities help develop significant connections across numerous regions of the building up childhood brain during this crucial time of development.

Music Develops Intimacy

Strong bonds have a great impact on children’s development and music can strengthen these personal connections. Also, studies have discovered that babies will listen peacefully to a children’s song for twice as long as baby speak or adult speech! While caregivers or guardians sing children’s songs and improve their tone, pitch, and lyrics to relieve and relax the baby, if they will likewise feel a sense of security and care.

Boosts Communication & Imagination

Indeed, even before babies can talk, their babbling as well as sound-play enables them to build up neural pathways vital for speaking and listening. Did you know newborn children who hear language directed as well as responsive to them tend to babble more and have good vocabularies as little children? Children can rapidly imitate music and sounds they hear as another way to comprehend and understand their general surroundings.

Develops a Sense of Belonging

Music can build up a community as well as a sense of belonging. In their homes, kids feel associated with their families and networks as they hear songs, accents, and stories. During Best Play School in Noida, these little children should now find out about and experience the ideas of ‘belonging’ and ‘being an outsider’. While teachers include the sounds and music of a few cultures, the kids can experience a comprehensive and connected world at an early stage.

It Makes them Happy!

Live music is stimulating, however, it’s quite more amazing for kids! Live music is beneficial for creating happiness and fervor in those experiencing it, lifting our state of mind and saving us from sadness and even illness. Cooking common foods, enjoying holidays, and performing favorite music and dances are ways for kids to find the possibilities of smiling and kidding, and to encounter positive feelings such as pleasure, delight, and fondness.

It’s clear that music has various positive impacts on our day by day life yet in addition to early childhood development! For children, nursery rhymes, sing-a-longs and so on, music can help develop a close relationship with your kid, improve their fine and great motor skills and affect their general happiness. Similar to language, music is a common, creative, expressive, convenient approach to be as one. Whenever put to work, it tends to be a ground-breaking force in the lives of young kids and families.

Four Basic Healthy Habits You Must Teach Your Child

It’s crucial to begin teaching your kid healthy habits as early as possible. But instead easily advising your kid how to deal with his body or how to protect himself, it’s important to educate your kid the purpose for your rules.

If he develops understanding why such habits are significant—and they become like natural—it can stop power struggles. At ASPAM Preschool, the renowned Kids Play School in Noida, we teach kids such habits that will be helpful for them for lifetime.

Here are four healthy habits you should begin teaching your kid when he’s a toddler.

  1. Washing Hands

It’s never too late to even think about teaching your kid these healthy habits.

The easy task of washing his hands can save your kid—and the entire family—from germs that can cause illness and infections. Sound hygiene is probably the easiest approaches to keep everybody in the family healthy.

Begin imparting this healthy habit by clearing up to your little one why hand washing is so significant.

  1. Cover Your Mouth When Your Cough and Sneeze

Educate your little one how to utilize a tissue, just as how to sneeze and cough into his elbow in order to not spread germs. It’s impossible that a little child will actually cover his mouth each and every time he sneezes or coughs yet continue reminding him to do as such. Tell, ” Remember, cover up those sneezes this way,” and advise him the best way to do it.

  1. Throw The Garbage Away

Now, what to do about that filthy tissue—also the various trash that your kid makes on a daily basis? Mess up with his own gadgets, your little one will simply leave his tissues and wrappers on the table to and go to play. However, that increases the chance of more germs to spread.

Instruct your kid to place tissues and rubbish into the garbage can. Tell him that tissues and waste can spread germs.

  1. Take Care of Your Teeth

Until he’s around eight, your kid will want help getting her teeth properly clean. Therefore, you can assist her get in the habit of brushing his teeth two times per day as well as learn the steps: wet the brush, squeeze bit of toothpaste, brush the teeth and tongue and afterward wash with water.

If your kid appears to be unwilling to brush her own teeth, let her give it a shot on your teeth. Then, say “My turn!”  and try to put the brush in her mouth. You may likewise constrain her to brush her teeth by singing a tune or letting her pick a fun toothbrush.

Imposing Healthy Habits                                              

Teaching healthy habits and getting your child to adapt them are two different things. Like any new skill your kid is learning, it’s crucial to practice.

When your kid overlooks his healthy habits, give a reminder. Say, “Oops, whenever you cough make sure to cough into your elbow.”

Applause him when you find him doing a good job. Speak up, “Great job washing your hands.” And if he steps up to do as such without a reminder ensure to make that a major concern. Say, “Wow! You came in the house and made sure to wash your hands completely all on your own!”

Take away benefits or utilize time-out when required. However, clarify that if he’s going to drive his scooter, he can’t do it except if he will be protected. Or, if he needs to play outside on a sunny day, he needs to wear sunscreen.

Above all, be a role model. If your kid sees you hold in healthy habits in daily life, he’ll be significantly more interested to do them. At Best Play School in Noida, we organize activities to teach kids how important it is to develop good habits within.

Different Brain-Boosting Activities for Preschoolers

You can enable your toddler to kick off his brain development by taking part in fun and games activities with him. All that you do with your toddler –talking, playing, strolling, eating, reading, cuddling, and singing help start his brain. When you utilize your imagination with him, for instance, you assist his with the brain to make “imagination pathways” of its own.

Kids remember experiences that they have an emotional part. Delicate, adoring fun combined with responsive language from you makes an environment wherein learning flourishes. That is the reason it is significant for you to bond with your kid in such activities. Things you do together improve his learning (among numerous different advantages). This is something that play-alone high-tech toys like tablets, tv, video games, and others won’t be able to offer.

At ASPAM Preschool, one of the best Day Care in Noida, we organize several brain-boosting activities with to help preschools develop good learning skills.

Block Patterns

Utilize building blocks to form simple structural patterns, for example, 2 blocks with one above, three in a row set of blocks, etc. Playfully ask your little child to duplicate the pattern. After sometime later, ask him to form his pattern. Show your little child that you are having a great time copying his pattern. Form the samples quite complicated as your kid turns out to be very capable in making sense of how to build block structures on the basis of your pattern. Gradually, you can also permit him to play freely with building structures.

Paper Puzzle

Use shaded paper, cut shapes, and makes a board which has drawings that fit the shapes. Make your kid match with the cut-up shapes with the ones on the board.

Another thought is to get very colorful as well as attractive photos of a simple object from magazines. Cut them in four and ask your kid to put the photos back together again. To make the riddle more challenging, you can divide the picture into multiple pieces, or in irregular shapes. Also, you can mix-up cut-outs from 2 pictures.

Stacking Game

Play with blocks or such toys that stacks. Challenge your little child by stacking the toys as high as possible.

Reading A Story Book

Select a storybook suitable for your toddler, one with an easy plot. Read the book with him by utilizing gestures and transforming the tone of your voice relying on the condition in the story as well as which character is speaking.

Reading books aloud to kids stimulates their minds and grows their understanding of the world. It assists kids to learn a language and listening skills and sets them up to comprehend written words.


Get non-poisonous modeling clay from a toy store. Tell your little child the best way to make shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles and give him how they fit together. To make the game quite fun, advance to modeling identifiable 3d shapes like table, blocks, lollipop, etc.

This game activity your kid’s creative mind as well as the stimulation of really making something.

Counting And Rhyming

Sing with your kid nursery rhymes that include numbers, for example, “Five Little Ducks”. While singing the rhyme with her, show the numbers with items, for example, toys or even simply holding up your fingers as you count. Rehash this game as long as she appreciates it. Hearing the numbers over and over reinforces her math vocabulary.

Grouping Stuff Together

Collect a selection of huge buttons, colorful beads and things that are simple to sort into a table. Tell your little child the best way to assemble things by color, shape or size. Let your kid group the items without anyone else help. After the stuff is arranged, count them individually.

At ASPAM Preschool, the reputed Play School in Noida, we love kids and want to see them grow by gaining new skills. We conduct different activities to reduce their boredom and increase their interest to keep them engaged.