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Activities at Aspam

  • Personalized instructional activities for development of gross motor & fine motor skills
  • Age pertinent learning platform for linguistic &conceptual enhancement
  • Open ended Art practices to develop imagination
  • Integration of ‘High-interest activities’ in curriculum to promote curiosity & exploration
  • Honing Ingenious Skills
  • Mock drills for disaster management
  • Inter/Intra class participation
  • Play-way Fitness Programme for kids
  • Splash Pool activities
  • Ball Pool activities
  • Celebration of all important festivals and occasions to encourage and instill secularism.
  • Student participation based Sports Day, Annual Day
  • Field trips/picnics/educational tours
  • PTM every month
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Active participation of Preschool parents in workshops and orientation programmes at ASPAM Scottish School for firsthand experience of formal education and to ensure the faith in them regarding seamless transition of their child from preschool to 14 years schooling at ASPAM Scottish.