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Partnership with Parents

At ASPAM, we strongly believe that a close synergy of teachers and parents results in the all-inclusive development of the child. Good communication between teachers and parents strengthens the bond of trust. Consequently both parents and teachers work in collaboration to inform each other of relevant matters concerning the child. We appreciate being informed of any change at home that might affect your child and would treat anything you tell us in strict confidence.

We organize Parent-Teacher Meetings regularly where you would be invited to discuss your child’s progress. Apart from PTMs, parents can also meet teachers or School Counsellor or Branch Head with prior appointment. There is an open-door policy at ASPAM wherein the parents can communicate with teachers or may discuss any concern related to the development of the child.


  • ASPAM provides a variety of opportunities to parents to participate in programmes like PTM and other related activities. The purpose is just to realise the respective roles of parents and teachers in promoting integrated studies and education programmes.
  • Celebration of Events- Birthdays, Festivals , Annual Day, Mother’s Day, Parents’ Day and Grandparents Day for parents & grandparents alike.
  • The other scheduled events are Orientation Programmes, Parenting Workshops, Seminars. & Talks by renowned experts in the field of Early Child Education.