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Use This Self-Isolation Period for Your Kid’s Skill Development

Use This Self-Isolation Period for Your Kid’s Skill Development

Since Corona Virus outbreak, schools have closed their premises. For kids, it implies no going out for fun activities and an end to their learnings. Yet, being stuck at home doesn’t mean we don’t focus on our kids’ requirements. In case you, as well, are confronting this challenge and don’t have any idea what to do, we are here for you. The Best Preschool in Noida has proposed approaches to encourage a child’s learning at home and approaches to keep them engaged when at home.

There are countless ways for children to continue learning while at the same time having a ton of fun in their homes. In our daily lives, we use a lot of objects that can be utilized to explore some art projects. Parents depending on finding creative approaches to take into account kids during this dubious time. Likewise, there are several online resources available that can be utilized during the time of self-isolation, social distancing, and quarantine. We suggest that kids may choose activities such as storytelling, reading, games, drawing, art and craft for the development of their mind.

To know what more you can do to keep your children happy and playful at home, read below:

  1. Fun and games

With schools concentrating on academics and finishing the curriculum in time,  creative and logical thinking of kids are frequently pushed behind. It is time you make the most of this time and engage your kids in the puzzle and board-based games for keeping their brain cells active. Let your children put on their thinking critically by engaging them in games, like, blocks, carrom board, and among others.

  1. E-learning platforms

E-learning platforms empower kids and ensure that learning does not halt. Unlike traditional techniques of teacher, e-learning tools do not include handholding and touching. All you require is a tablet/laptop and a decent, high-speed internet connection. Play rhymes for them on YouTube, Duo Lingo, online puzzle games, brain teasers and so on. Most of such platforms have an online tracker for tracking the child’s progress.

Books and magazines

In this digital era, parents must allow their kids to have a normal childhood beyond the utilization of the technology. Unplugging from techno and using time efficiently with books has to turn out to be a necessity for kids at the moment. This causes building up the kids learning capabilities along with speech development as well as social interaction. Save a few minutes from your work schedule and spend some time with your kids reading folklore, or poetry.

Go Virtual

It happens rarely that your children get an opportunity to go to places, for example, museums, zoos, and so on., to gain better life experiences. It is time you make your kid experience the same while staying at home. From virtual zoo visits making an educational situation, to do all you like and let your children fly high. Make the use of a few simple props present in your home and help your children to make the better use of their energy in the right way.

Take out some time to spend with your children and make sure that don’t lose onto their psychological abilities. Assist them with learning at their pace in the comfort of their home. Going bonkers with monotony doesn’t help you out. The Creche in Noida expresses that it is smarter to let your children learn by doing than simply observing. Make them practice for growing strong memories and improve their learning process. You may also art activities for good learning. It’s time to keep your kids’ spirit up and not be stuck by these troublesome time.

Ways to Help Children Develop Good Habits

Ways to Help Children Develop Good Habits

Parents can support their kids to build up good habits early in life. This will be beneficial for them for a lifetime. As a parent, you can urge your kids to adapt great habits that may incorporate great social skills, good manners and assist them with assessing some of their food options and physical activity habits. It takes some amount of time to develop a good habit, so parents have to be patient with their kids. Recurring an action or behaviour every day will enable your kid to inculcate it more quickly.

At our Kids Play School in Noida, we teach kids about good habits and tell their significance to live healthy life.

Here are some of the ways to help you get started.

Become a Role Model:

One of the ideal ways to build up good habits for children is by lead by example. Your kid learns by observing your daily habits and behaviors.

Good Manners:

It’s never too late to develop good habits for kids. Teach your child to utilize phrases such as You’re Welcome, Thank you, and Excuse Me. Teaching them such phrases at a small age will enable them to make them part of their daily life.

Physical Activities:

Physical movement is something beyond organized sports. Nowadays, kids spend a lot of time before the TV or playing video games. Kids who are not very much active are at a huge risk of developing chronic ailments. Urge your kid to stay physically active by letting them take part in the activities they enjoy. Staying physically active as a kid will, in the end, become a part of them as they get old.

Build Up Strong Family Bonding:

Family time is very important for a developing kid. Plan times for everybody in the family to get going together. Go for walks, go swimming, ride bicycles, plant or just play hide-and-seek outside.

Make Strong Rules:

As a parent, you must make rules for your children. Schedule fixed hours for homework, playtime, and screen time. Try to set a flexible routine and don’t be too stern while giving out time for play and study. Keep enough time for playing as play boosts both physical as well as mental development.

Encourage A Healthy Diet:

Possibly the most significant part of growing up is to allow your kid to settle on healthy food choices. Your kid will embrace good habits if they develop early. Teach your kid about the significance of having a nutritious diet and advise them to read food labels.

Reward Your Child:

It is the best thought to reward your children for their excellent behavior. This will keep them spurred and will assist them with keeping up their best behavior every time.

Stay Involved:

No matter how hectic be your day, you should make it a point to be there in your kid’s life. Ensure that you know about how their day was, the sort of pals they have, and how they are getting along at school. It is the best thought to have a short chat with your kids after they return home from school – in this way, you will stay updated about your kids’ emotional status.

Encourage Reading Books:

Telling stories to your kid from a book has a huge impact. Literature has a powerful way of telling kids to behave well, be in discipline, and to have a positive viewpoint in life. A reading habit will be incredible over the long run for your kid’s mind too.

Be Practical With Your Expectations:

Teach kids to learn from their mistakes. Make realistic goals as well as limits that help adopt any new behavior. Little steps and slow changes can bring a major difference in your habits sooner or later, so begin and develop. As parents, you have to understand that every kid learns at their own pace.

Kids don’t prefer to hear what they can’t do, so praise them for what they can do. At Creche in Noida, we keep it simple and positive. Everybody likes to be lauded for a task well-done. Rejoice successes and support kids to build up a positive mental self-image in all the while.