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Health and Safety Measures to Be Followed in School Premises

Health and Safety Measures to Be Followed in School Premises

A secure school environment is important for the healthy growth of kids. Students spend a good amount of time in schools. In this way, Pre schools in Noida must be prepared and make a few attempts to keep up safety and hygiene.

Presently, numerous questions might pop up. Where should Play School in Noida focus? And what measures would they take? Points mentioned below give answers to these questions.

  • Understand the importance of cleaning and sanitizing cautiously 

Schools perform practices, which try to cover two issues in one go, that may give severe results now and again. Cleaning results in the way toward eliminating the germs, dirt, and contaminations from surfaces regularly. Nonetheless, it doesn’t kill the germs.

Sanitizing helps with keeping the environment germ-free completely. Fundamentally, the performance of the procedure is decided by watching the public health standards data. It is utilized for the two purposes-cleaning as well as disinfecting.

  • Regular cleaning of surfaces and objects that get maximum exposure 

The Best Preschool in Noida needs to set up a standard daily schedule for cleaning and sanitizing. Basically, it says that items like doorknobs, desks, computer keyboards and things that accompany human contact every day must be cleaned. Ensure that the cleaning staff has gloves and other required equipments.

  • Monitor the process 

Schools must focus on the execution of the whole cleaning process. And, ensure that chemicals are fit for eliminating germs without hurting any people. Such attempts must be put forth in case of flu.

Such viruses are fragile, hence, easy and standard cleaning procedures are sufficient to wipe them out.

  • Use suitable tools and methods

The greater part of the disinfecting techniques, similar to air deodorizers as well as fumigating, are suggested in worst situations. Since, these can irritate eyes, throats, noses, and can make other skin as well as breathing issues, accordingly, these must be utilized for pandemic-like situations.

  • Tutor children about self-hygiene 

Regardless of how advanced a mechanism a school has sent to look after cleanliness, it won’t work completely except if students have general information regarding hygiene. Hence, students have to know about basic hygiene practices.

  • Proper management of waste material 

Sufficient placement of dustbins is the initial step for incorporating a good waste material management system. And no no-touch baskets likewise should be put in school premises to deal with the expendable disposable items and trash. A different dustbin must be utilized for disposing of tissues.

  • Encourage recycling and composting 

Use the techniques and things that empower recycled, reused and repurposed. In this way, make sure that the school premise has an adequate number of recycling bins at areas like classrooms, playgrounds, and sports fields. It will promote the possibility of eco-friendliness among students. If the school has enough space, at that point, it must utilize the composting bins. Food scraps and different particles can be composted as well as then it very well may be utilized as a natural fertilizer.

Hire professionals 

Without a doubt, school administrations don’t give a lot of consideration to hiring professionals for cleaning. Different institutions don’t have a good budget to employ regular custodial staff. In this way, it’s the best alternative for institutions to make the spot to keep the complete premise clean every time. There are various agencies available in the market who can perform such errands with effectiveness and within budget. 


Points mentioned above can improve the health lift of the school atmosphere. And there is no denying fact that a healthy environment assists in a great development of kids.

6 Important Foods to Boost Your Child’s Immunity

6 Important Foods to Boost Your Child’s Immunity

In the age of corona virus outbreak, from masks to sanitizers, from hand washing to social distance, we are doing everything to save our kids from getting affected with this virus. Nothing pains a parent beyond than seeing their kid fall easy prey to infectious diseases. It’s fact! We all know about the significance of a balanced diet for children.

The Best Preschool in Noida suggests that while parents do their best efforts to take care of their child’s nutritional needs, they have to ensure they include power foods that has nutrients to supercharge their kids immunity and fight illnesses. Here are a selective bunch of super power foods that you can incorporate as a part of your family’s daily intake.

Keep in mind, stressing won’t help, improving your immunity will.

Must-Have Foods That Boost Your Child’s Immune System

1) Vegetables – Yes, They Can Be Tasty!

Green leafy vegetables are boon for your developing kid. Greens are the highly immunity boosting foods that help in DNA repair too. They have significant antioxidants that help develop the immune system in kids.

2) Eggs, Lean Meats, Pulses and Everything Protein!

To develop immunity in kids give them macronutrients like proteins including pulses, ovo protein as eggs or milk protein. The egg yolk is a storehouse of essential minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Boiled, or as omelette–eggs are superfoods–a rich source of proteins.

3) Yogurt To The Rescue!

Yogurt is loaded with probiotics, that fights colonisation of bad bacteria in the stomach. Good foods can be yummy! Yogurt or curd, as we probably know it better, reinforces the intestinal tract in kids to save them from gastrointestinal illnesses.

If your child don’t like to have plain curd, try the delicious flavoured options.

Yoghurt has essential probiotics, the good bacteria that fights as well as prevents colonisation of bad bacteria in the stomach and is a superb immune booster for kids. So, think about including curd in any form in your kid’s diet–plain curd, raita, flavoured yoghurt, or lassi – and keep your child free from stomach infections!

4) Carrots For The Sharp Eyes!

Carrots are a good source of beta carotene.

Carrots to fight infections and for sharp eyesight! Carrots are an amazing source of beta carotene, that’s why the bright colour.

This component helps body’s mucus membrane lining the respiratory as well as intestinal tracts, making it tough for bacteria to enter the circulatory system and cause illnesses.

For a healthy diet, involve carrots in your child’s diet. The bright red colour of carrots ensures to make your job easier!

5) Go for Nuts!

Nuts must be your go-to food to munch at odd hours.

Nuts must be your go-to food if you need to provide your child with a bunch of something to eat at odd hours.

Nuts have a ton of minerals, proteins, and vitamins and they are additionally rich in antioxidants, for example, zinc, omega fatty acids, and Vitamin E.

Make kids eat varieties – pistachios, almonds, raisins, walnuts, dates, dried figs, and so forth. You may remember dry fruits for decorating home-cooked desserts, chocolates, or bars (chikki). This is an ideal way to boost your child’s immune power!

6) Top it with Fruits!

Ask your kid to eat at least one portion of a fruit daily!

If you only bring apples, bananas, and mangoes, then it’s time to include berries, melons, pomegranate, peaches, and etc.

Keep in mind, deeper and darker the fruit colour, the better. Fruits have roughage, antioxidants, and several hidden benefits.

So, apart from taking precautions, Play School in Noida suggests to take healthy diet to help improve the immunity of the entire family and stay safe.

Different Brain-Boosting Activities for Preschoolers

You can enable your toddler to kick off his brain development by taking part in fun and games activities with him. All that you do with your toddler –talking, playing, strolling, eating, reading, cuddling, and singing help start his brain. When you utilize your imagination with him, for instance, you assist his with the brain to make “imagination pathways” of its own.

Kids remember experiences that they have an emotional part. Delicate, adoring fun combined with responsive language from you makes an environment wherein learning flourishes. That is the reason it is significant for you to bond with your kid in such activities. Things you do together improve his learning (among numerous different advantages). This is something that play-alone high-tech toys like tablets, tv, video games, and others won’t be able to offer.

At ASPAM Preschool, one of the best Day Care in Noida, we organize several brain-boosting activities with to help preschools develop good learning skills.

Block Patterns

Utilize building blocks to form simple structural patterns, for example, 2 blocks with one above, three in a row set of blocks, etc. Playfully ask your little child to duplicate the pattern. After sometime later, ask him to form his pattern. Show your little child that you are having a great time copying his pattern. Form the samples quite complicated as your kid turns out to be very capable in making sense of how to build block structures on the basis of your pattern. Gradually, you can also permit him to play freely with building structures.

Paper Puzzle

Use shaded paper, cut shapes, and makes a board which has drawings that fit the shapes. Make your kid match with the cut-up shapes with the ones on the board.

Another thought is to get very colorful as well as attractive photos of a simple object from magazines. Cut them in four and ask your kid to put the photos back together again. To make the riddle more challenging, you can divide the picture into multiple pieces, or in irregular shapes. Also, you can mix-up cut-outs from 2 pictures.

Stacking Game

Play with blocks or such toys that stacks. Challenge your little child by stacking the toys as high as possible.

Reading A Story Book

Select a storybook suitable for your toddler, one with an easy plot. Read the book with him by utilizing gestures and transforming the tone of your voice relying on the condition in the story as well as which character is speaking.

Reading books aloud to kids stimulates their minds and grows their understanding of the world. It assists kids to learn a language and listening skills and sets them up to comprehend written words.


Get non-poisonous modeling clay from a toy store. Tell your little child the best way to make shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles and give him how they fit together. To make the game quite fun, advance to modeling identifiable 3d shapes like table, blocks, lollipop, etc.

This game activity your kid’s creative mind as well as the stimulation of really making something.

Counting And Rhyming

Sing with your kid nursery rhymes that include numbers, for example, “Five Little Ducks”. While singing the rhyme with her, show the numbers with items, for example, toys or even simply holding up your fingers as you count. Rehash this game as long as she appreciates it. Hearing the numbers over and over reinforces her math vocabulary.

Grouping Stuff Together

Collect a selection of huge buttons, colorful beads and things that are simple to sort into a table. Tell your little child the best way to assemble things by color, shape or size. Let your kid group the items without anyone else help. After the stuff is arranged, count them individually.

At ASPAM Preschool, the reputed Play School in Noida, we love kids and want to see them grow by gaining new skills. We conduct different activities to reduce their boredom and increase their interest to keep them engaged.