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Ways to Keep Your Kids Engaged While Working from Home

Ways to Keep Your Kids Engaged While Working from Home

The COVID-19 is no less than a slow-motion tsunami that crashed down on us this week. This greatly impacted our daily routine life and left us in a dilemma.

Cases of the coronavirus in India are increasing day by day, Preschools in Noida have closed their doors indeterminately, and public health officials have advised everyone to stay home except for important activities. This has created a challenging situation for parents where they have to look after their kids as well as work.

Keep Your Kids Engaged While Working from Home

We all are finding hard to deal with the problem of how to keep kids engaged while working from home. It is occupied and hectic especially with the coronavirus lockdown as well as work from home. Here are a few ways to keep you sane and children glad while we stay at home for this extended time.

Initially, tell your children what is a coronavirus and why it is so unsafe. Check out the health authority’s website for the points of interest. It is a great idea to help them to remember the right way of handwashing, how to sneeze using tissue paper, put the paper to the dustbin and wash your hands. Cough to your elbow and very important why we have to wash our hands so well.

Reading With Kids

There are certain ways to make this work, whatever is the quite helpful way to make your kids busy in reading. Other than the traditional way of reading books, you can add fun into this by letting them listening to the audiobooks as well. Yet, only making the space to read and showing interest in this will be of great help.

Playing Games With Kids

Try jigsaw, blocks or puzzles that you can get them to play on their own. This will help them stay busy in arranging and solving the problem where they get stuck.

Make a Daily Routine Chart To Keep Kids Busy

It is simpler when you get children to co-operate and get them to set a schedule for the day and week with them. Get them to make the schedule with you, so you and they realize what you do what time. Trust me, it gets simpler with accurate arranging. Ensure you have read time, playtime, and lunch etc. planned in. Ensure your work time is there when you can get your children to be self-sufficient.

Keep Kids Occupied with Sports Outside

Treasure hunt, hide and seek, tip, play football with them, whatever it is that makes them move. Ensure you have exercise planned in on your day.

Engage in Art And Craft Activity

Having colouring books, watercolours, stickers, prepared and available at your home. You can again find resources on the Internet to print out for your children if you are running out. Get them to paint on fingers just (messy however fun) or utilizing an old toothbrush.


What amount of screen time do you provide for your children? Would you be able to utilize the internet sparingly? Use it educationally? Watch narratives with them. Or then again ensure you Facetime with your grandparents or family that you can’t see as you would typically do.

Ensure they get personal time not to do nothing at all where they can do free play and make their own games too. Hope this is assisting you to plan your day more and keeping your children glad and entertained.

At Day Care in Noida, we request you to stay home stay safe. Keep your kids engaged anyhow inside the home so that they do not go out and face any issue.