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The school’s vision is simple, yet a constant endeavour Vision | Mission | Values – Aspam Pre School. ASPAM Preschool strives to provide a creative and safe environment for your little treasures, so that they can emotionally, physically and socially blossom. ASPAM understands that this is a transformational phase in your toddler’s life when he/she is spending time away from parents. It is a great responsibility on the school’s shoulders. One which we proudly bear.

Mission Statement

ASPAM Preschool is committed to stimulate and develop the creative minds of young children. We recognise and respect that each child is different and is gifted with unique abilities. Therefore, ASPAM Preschool is constantly fosters a creative environment to stress on the complete intellectual, emotional, physical, moral and social development of its children.


We, ASPAM Preschool, are deeply committed to the following values:

Simulate Home’s Warmth – We understand that this is the first time your toddler is going to spend time each day away from the haven of his/her home. This is a big transition and also perhaps the first time your child will mingle with other children. Therefore we value how to give each child enough space to develop their own personality, but in a secure environment.(

Encourage Self Expression & Self Belief – Each child’s uniqueness needs a channel and we are devoted to helping our little gems find their glow.

Creativity & Excellence – We firmly believe that every child is gifted with his/her set of unique abilities and creativity. Our focus is always on making our children recognise and hone these abilities. This leads to immense belief and confidence in one’s self.Vision | Mission | Values - Aspam Pre School

Social & Moral Values – Before our children become successful and creative, they have to become social and morally responsible. At ASPAM Preschool, we understand completely the value of social acceptance and moral fibre. This is something we install in our children from day one.

Vision | Mission | Values – Aspam Pre School

Vision | Mission | Values – Aspam Pre School

Vision | Mission | Values – Aspam Pre School