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Day Care

ASPAM DayCare programme provides an enriching environment for your child to learn and grow through easy-to-learn and fun activities. We understand your emotional need of trying to balance your career demands along with your parenting responsibilities. Therefore, ASPAM DayCare programme has been conceptualized and developed with a simple yet important objective: of making our daycare your child’s home away from home.

ASPAM DayCare is a secure and loving environment that has set high standards in building holistic learning centres for toddlers. Regarded as one of the best child daycare centres  in Sector 62, Noida, ASPAM is a place where we not only help children grow by taking them by their hands, but also by encouraging them to walk, and eventually fly on their own.

One of the pioneering features of Our Daycare programme is LIVE STREAMING. With this innovative feature, you and other parents can remotely, from anywhere and anytime, watch all the fun activities your child is doing at the Daycare.

Another salient feature that we are proud of is the provision of Nutri Meal for yourloved one prepared in our school’s in-house kitchen under strict supervision of the nutritionist that we have carefully handpicked. As a parent, you can be assured that the mealsfor your child meet his/her daily nutrition requirements, are healthy and hygienically prepared. Most importantly, they are yummy! So that your child can never get enough of it!

Our Daycare Programme falls in 4 groups as per the age eligibility of the child.

Group 16 Months- 2 Years
Group 22 – 4 Years
Group 34-7 years
Group 47 -10 Years